Board of Directors

  • Executive Chairman: Joseph M. Lebon represented by Opex Group NV
  • Board Member: Joseph J. Lebon represented by The S.I.M. Company S.à r.l.
  • Independent Board Member: Conny Vandendriessche represented by Pro-Fund BV
  • Independent Board Member: Gert De Winter
  • Board Member: Pieter Lambrecht represented by Lake Advisors BV
  • Board Member: Herbert Vanden Eynde represented by Three Advisory BV
  • Board Member: Louis Gabriels
  • Secretary of the Board: Piet Provoost

Executive Committee

  • Joseph M. Lebon (President)
  • Joseph J. Lebon (Member)
  • Koen Messely (Member)
  • Piet Provoost (Member)

Management Committee

  • Koen Messely (President)
  • Bart Demeulenaere (Member)
  • Walter Block (Member)
  • Joseph M. Lebon (Member)
  • Joseph J. Lebon  (Member)
  • Piet Provoost (Member)
  • Chris Schruers (Member)
  • Steven Van de Vyver (Member)
  • Staf Van Den Bogaert (Member)
  • Erlin Varrewaere (Member)
  • Jacques Bastin (Member)