AlliA joined the UNIBA PARTNERS network in 2021.

UNIBA Partners is an owner-led, client-centric global network that provides insurance broking, risk management and employee benefits solutions. The overriding objective is to assist and protect our clients in a constantly changing world. UNIBA Partners helps companies protect their international operations in over 130 countries.
They do that by creating highly professional teams across borders and timelines, open and sensitive to the many differences in legislation, culture and, indeed, expectations. 
In an increasingly litigious, highly regulated and rapidly changing world UNIBA Partners will provide you with the experience, advice and solutions to protect your interests abroad.
Our highly reputed, knowledgeable Partners across the world will review your unique international exposures with you. They will make sure that both local and group level considerations inform your risk management, employee benefits and insurance decisions.
We have been protecting companies with operations across the globe for more than 30 years.
Insurance markets, regulations, risks, the way we communicate, have all changed over those 30 years. What hasn’t changed are our values, our passion, and our attention to Quality: every day you will experience us striving to be the best.