Professional liability

Although your business has undoubtedly taken the necessary precautions, there is always a risk of certain incidents caused by company assets or employees for which your company can be held liable.

A mistake, an error or carelessness on the part of personnel may cause damage to third parties, customers or suppliers. The same applies to the delivered goods or services, building defects, the operation of construction equipment ...

If the company is liable for the damage caused, it must pay compensation. Third-party liability insurance covers the financial consequences of physical, material and immaterial damage to third parties during operations within the limits of the insured capital. 

Third-party insurance covers the company, its staff and buildings as well as its products and services. It can also be about damage that emerges after the delivery of the goods or services.

A distinction is made between:

  • Third-party operating insurance: this covers extra-contractual civil liability for damage caused to any third parties in the context of the insured operations. This includes the following cases: damage caused by fire, explosion, smoke and water; environmental accidents; neighbour nuisance; subcontractors and site equipment. 
  • The third-party insurance for entrusted objects: this covers damage to objects entrusted to you to be stored, processed or used.
  • Post-delivery third-party insurance: this covers contractual and extra-contractual civil liability for damage caused to third parties by the products after their delivery or by the works carried out by the company.
  • For companies mainly engaging in intellectual activities (for example IT consultants, energy experts and security coordinators) it is recommended – and sometimes even mandatory – to take out professional indemnity insurance.

This type of third-party liability policies require expertise and a tailor-made approach. We have the necessary in-house know-how and will assess the risks together with you.

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